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    Job Summary

    This position is a ladder progression in the job classification of Hydrocarbon Trader. It reflects an accomplished career in multiple-hydrocarbon trading at a corporate or functional level. The experience gathered by the incumbent, may include as well, direct exposure to the areas of Marine Chartering and Operations, Refinery Economics, Business Development, Supply Chain Coordination, Commercial Analysis, Risk Management, etc. at both domestic and international level. The experience and demonstrated performance on trading and negotiation activities shall make the incumbent key provider of advice to the commercial teams on relevant negotiations of hydrocarbon contracts (normally hydrocarbon specific), new IT solutions or upgrades, and on the conceptualization and implementation of negotiation strategies for specific deals under the scope of his/her responsibilities. The incumbent shall serve as a Mentor, Trainer and Advisor in the commercial area to less experienced Hydrocarbon Traders, and shall serve as a Back-up to other Senior Hydrocarbon Traders. On a regular basis, the incumbent shall be involved in the purchase, sale or exchange transactions of inputs and outputs, as the case may be, needed to optimize the CITGO refining and downstream systems. The incumbent shall act as lead floor trader in the specific hydrocarbon commodity to insure inter and intra trading day market movements are properly evaluated and tactics revised and executed according to opportunities and constraints present in the CITGO system and approved by the Commercial Management

    Minimum Qualifications

     This is a ladder progression for an accomplished professional with a minimum of College Degree and 5 years of combined trading, commercial analysis and refining economics experience or no degree and minimum 10 years experience of combined trading, commercial analysis and refining economics.

    Excellent negotiation and analytical skills are required, ability to execute and manage multiple tasks, knowledge of refining operations and logistic systems needed, multilingual and multicultural preferred, ability to develop and maintain effective industry relationships necessary. Excellent industry reputation

    Job Duties


    1.      At any given time, the Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should have a well defined scope of work for a specific hydrocarbon commodity, and a network of internal and external contacts across the supply chain for the specific hydrocarbon commodity under his/her responsibility. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader is a key member of the hydrocarbon commercial team, and as such should develop work processes to strengthen the coordination with all the other commercial team members involved. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should use his/her knowledge of the trading cycles, market contacts and market intelligence to position himself/herself to capturing the opportunities visualized during the optimization processes. As an example, the Lead Hydrocarbon Trader should survey and analyze crude or feedstocks or products markets for cargo availabilities and pricing, as the case may be for the specific hydrocarbon commodity under his/her responsibility. Provide projections of scheduled arrivals, timing, and prices for those hydrocarbon commodities available in the marketplace and provide input to the refinery optimization and distribution processes. Collaborate with Supply Chain personnel to ensure an optimal mix of crude types and feedstocks is economically procured for refinery processing. As an example, a Senior Hydrocarbon Trader in the Crude Oil area should be in the position to be able to purchase approximately 300 MBD of foreign medium and light sour crudes for the Corpus Christi and Lake Charles refineries, or to purchase 180 MBD of domestic and light sweet crude for the USGC refineries, or to purchase 160 MBD of light and heavy Canadian crude for the Lemont refinery. To accomplish this, the Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should make recommendations as to the ratio of term to spot supply in order to guarantee a ratable supply to the refineries. As an example, a Senior Hydrocarbon Trader in the Products Supply area, for a specific set of refined products or blendstocks or a specific region as the case may be, should be able to balance the supply system and to optimize all facets of purchases, sales and regrades of refined products, and refinery blendstocks, attaining an optimized balance of refinery production plus contract purchases against marketing demand by location and product grades.    


    2.      The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should assist in the development of risk management strategies when applicable within the hydrocarbon commodities under his/her responsibilities and make specific recommendations as to how to mitigate risk. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should coordinate with the Supply Chain Management group the development of processes to better reflect market conditions and availabilities in the optimization models that simulate the specific hydrocarbon commodity under his/her responsibility in the refining and distribution systems. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should coordinate with the Marine and Logistics Department the procurement of marine equipment or pipeline space, as the case may be, to guarantee the full execution of the deals under his/her responsibility. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should engage with the Credit and Treasury departments to devise innovative controls of payables and receivables according to the negotiated contracts or transactions and to participate in the development of presentations to suppliers and customers to enhance trade credit. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should always be looking beyond the routine aspects of the job to help identify technological solutions leading to higher efficiency, meaningful data collection and data management and process improvement. The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should be able to keep current his/her market point of view and market intelligence for the specific hydrocarbon commodity under his/her responsibility, using this knowledge to provide short term commercial analysis or medium term planning scenarios.    



    3.      The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader should assist the respective commercial management in the crude, feedstocks or products acquisition from the major suppliers to CITGO like: a) PDVSA Supply and Trading organization, looking at the implementation of synergistic trading strategies to add value to the bottom line of both CITGO and PDVSA, within the legal framework, tax codes and other applicable covenants. Assist marine schedulers, vessel operators, senior traders and traders, and others with their dealings with PDVSA as required; b) Petrobras, the national company of Brazil and major supplier of more than 70 mbd of Marlim crude oil to CITGO; c) Pemex, the national oil company of Mexico and major supplier of more than 30 mbd of Maya crude oil to CITGO, etc. d) Hovensa, the joint venture between Hess and PDVSA in St. Croix, major provider of refined products and feedstocks, etc.


    4.      Enter all transactions into the trade capture system within 24 hours of execution and take primary responsibility to ensure trades are entered correctly in the TCS and oversee all other transaction steps from contract preparation, scheduling, delivery, billing, and payment.   The Senior Hydrocarbon Trader is primary customer contact and owner of his/her negotiated transactions for the specific hydrocarbon commodity from first trading partner contact to final payment.


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